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85 cm x 115 cm

Mold-blown glass, Brass

Glass blowers: Peter Kuchinke & Kaappo Lahdesmäki

The work is a study of waves and the sunlight glimmering and playing on them. It reflects movement, flow, tide, and time. Waves connect everyone and everything in the universe. Light, sound, and electricity travel in waves. When we see a distant star, hear a familiar voice, or feel the warmth of the sun on our skin it is all accomplished by waves.

The name of the piece is Finnish and means at the same time on the waves and something that makes and is the waves. Each glass piece is mouth blown in the same mold and the shapes are stretched by the skillful glass blower and his team. Each object is an individual resembling diversity of the world that in its essence is just waves.

Photos by Anne Kinnunen

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