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Hemp Wallpaper

Hemp is a strong, fast growing and versatile material that has been used for papermaking way before trees. In this project I wanted to create a naturally beautiful wallpaper collection from it. My aim was to utilize the sidestream from Finnish oil hemp production: fibers that are left in the field when the seeds are harvested. 


This prototype wallpaper is fully biodegradable and can be cleaned by wiping with hot water. It is also easy to use since the adhesive is already in the paper so it only needs to be sprayed with water in order to apply it. In the future I would like to see more hemp used in the paper industry to reduce the amount of plastic in our walls and to ease the pressure off from our forests.

Materials used: Hemp fibers, spruce needles, methyl cellulose (MC), glyserol, different flowers, calcium hydroxide

Photos: Esa Kapila

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