Mira is a Finnish artist and designer. She seeks her inspiration from the details of her surroundings, nature connection and small adventures. She strives to translate these to a universal language through image and form. With her work she aims to provide the viewer with experiences of unity and peace and colour them with passion and mystique. 


"A need to create fuels my work. It is not so much an urge but a necessity. Without it, I view the world with it's problems as something too heavy and dense to bear. Only within my work, I can truly concentrate. The craft techniques I use to shape and transform materials into objects are mostly slow, which suits my contemplative but sometimes too anxious mind. Slow processes also give me time to think about the impacts my creations have. 


The materials themselves are a source of inspiration for me, even though I find some of their qualities limiting. These limitations work as guidelines and triggers for ideas throughout the whole design process. Knowing how materials behave is very important to me and it is a skill that I want to constantly develop. 


I think every material that I use is somehow magical but can be seen as very mundane at the same time and I find this contrast very intriguing. The fine interface where aesthetics and practicality meet is the baseline of my design process. In my art I am inspired by unique details found from nature and the world where science and traditions go hand in hand."



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