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Photo by Tatu Rouvinen


Mira is a Finnish visual artist and designer. She holds an MA in Contemporary Design (Aalto University) and a BA in Glass Art & Ceramics (Aalto University). In her practice, she is fascinated by different connections to the natural world and seeks inspiration from the wisdom within non-human entities. Her work includes sculptures, installations, performances, material research and small series production of tableware. 


"I seek inspiration from everyday adventures, nature connection, and tiny details of my surroundings. My approach to the themes I deal with is quite critical, but I try to handle them through optimism and care. Through my work, I wish to offer the viewer experiences of unity and tranquility and color them with passion and mystique. The slow and deliberate nature of my craft processes balances my desire to generate new constantly. The time and care I put into each piece allows me to reflect on the recurring themes of my work, such as synergy and unity and I am endlessly captivated by the world where science and traditions go hand in hand.


Materials themselves are also a source of inspiration for me, even though I find some of their qualities limiting. These limitations work as guidelines and triggers for ideas throughout the making process. Understanding how materials behave and how they are created is essential in my work, and it is a skill that I constantly want to develop. 


In my mind, every raw material that I use is somehow magical but can be seen as very mundane at the same time, and I find this contrast deeply intriguing. I prefer to acquire and process materials myself when possible and believe that using locally sourced ingredients can help to create a stronger connection between the artist, the material, and the surrounding ecosystem. This way, the created artifact is an embodiment and a component of a greater story that continues even after the item no longer exists."


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